Midnight In Nashville

Hanging Out Late At Night On Broadway In Nashville

A couple of years ago while shooting at the NCAA Baseball Championships in Nashville I had one night with a rain out. Instead of being smart and heading to the hotel I went down to Broadway to see what that was all about. I didn’t go into any of the places, but I did walk around and get the feel of it. The rain would subside for a while allowing me to get some nice reflections shots with all of the neon on Broadway. It was a short night, but a fun one for me.

Some Photos From a Great Week

This trip was done fairly early on in my Week In Photos time. I was really working hard on the posts at the time trying to mix up the photos as much as I could. That really can make the process longer though so now I just through them all together as they are made. I really had fun going back and reliving that last week of May and beginning of June in 2016. If you want to as well click here to go to my Exposure page.


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