Valentine’s Day Art

Celebrating Valentine’s Day With The Kids

When I was a kid I don’t remember Valentine’s Day being too big of a deal. I would buy my Greatest American Hero (or whatever the thing was at the time) cards and pass them out. I have looked at the holiday much differently since I have had kids around. They really look forward to the day and planning what they are going to do on it. Today I was lucky enough to be able to spend the morning with my daughter at her school for their celebration. Today’s photo of the day is her putting the final touches on a special work for the day. It was fun watching her do her special Valentine’s Day work, but I will admit I took a special pride in watching her make photos of her friends to give them with her camera. She was really strutting around with that thing making me wonder if she is modeling any behavior that she sees. I hope that I don’t strut that much during a shoot.

The New and Improved Lightroom Classic

I upgraded to the new Lightroom Classic on Tuesday, but I didn’t really have anything big to load into Lightroom to test it. I filled up a 32GB memory card this morning photographing my daughters class so I really had a good first test of the program. Maybe it was just me, but it really did seem quicker. I really hope that it is. I would love for Lightroom to be able to compete with programs like Photo Mechanic. If you would just let me ingest starred or locked photos Lightroom that would be a huge first step.


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