Backyard Birds: The Male House Finch

The Male House Finch

It is that time of the year again when I start to go a little stir crazy at home and photographing the backyard birds. I have started putting more seed out and trying to think about where I want to photograph them at. When the weather is grey and boring the birds start looking pretty good. Of course you know that I chase the snowy owl and the bald eagles in the area, but I don’t often focus on my backyard birds. When you start seeing the birds creep up on the website then you know that I must be going crazy. We are finally into February so baseball season is just around the corner. Maybe I need to fly south like the birds to photograph some early season baseball.

More About Birds

This past week NWIndianaLife put together an article about some Indiana bird photographers. It was cool seeing the work of some other photographers around where I used to live. They even allowed me to contribute some words and some photos to it. Go to their site here to give it a look. I don’t visit the site as often as I should. It is nice to go to a news site though and only see good news. We need a little bit more of that today.


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