More At The Michigan City Lighthouse

Flying Over Lake Michigan and the Ice Shelf

I lived next to Lake Michigan for many years of my life, and I never stopped to see the ice shelf that can develop. Saturday I was up north packing up some things in LaPorte, Indiana when I decided to take a break. I talk a little more about that in yesterday’s post. I had some ideas when I was walking up to the lighthouses, and as funny as it sounds none of them were what I ended up shooting. You can imagine the scene from the air, but you really have to fly to know what you are looking at. In a way it becomes improvisational photography which is pretty cool.

From The Ground

My brother went out with me to shoot, and while he was in the air with his drone I made a couple of pictures from the ground. Most of them were just for me to see the ice shelf. This one above though was one that I knew could turn into something cool. So many elements that are not normally in play here. I would have to be in a boat nearly hitting the rocks along the pier to get this shot. With the ice out there I could walk out to get it. The late afternoon light really gave me the color that this photo needed.

Over the Cliff

One thing that I wanted to try out was to fly over the ice shelf to show just how cool this thing is. The problem with that is the sense of scale is lost this way. This could be the length of a football field, or it could be me hovering just above the ground. This is where a boat coming by would have been amazing.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a fun week for me in a way. Although I finished the week a little under the weather I had a good week shooting. I was able to photograph some wildlife, sports, and then this cool location. If every week could be like that it would be perfect. I had another location lined up for Friday on my way to Indiana State, but that did not work out. I have the photography bug so when the conditions are right I think I can make some pretty cool editions of the Photos of the Week coming up. This is one of my favorites from the recent batch that I have made. You can see my weekly edition of my favorite photos by clicking here.

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