Catching A Train

Sometimes You Get Lucky…Other Times…

One thing that I realize every time that I drive north to see the snowy owl is how lucky I was early on. My first encounter was amazing with the owl just across the street from me. Then I had a couple of occasions seeing the owl in flight coming right at me. In fact it happened enough that I just expect it every time that I drive out to see the owl. Today was the fourth day this week where I was in a way skunked. I saw the owl, but it was too far away to capture in flight when it did fly. I did manage to get close to the owl near the end, but it was just sitting there. I ask for too much at times, but if it was easy it wouldn’t be fun.

Ready For My Close Up

As I was getting ready to leave the owl fly off away from me, but this time near another road. I drove over towards him and placed my camera out the window. I was able to make the photo above from there. This owl will be here for a while, but I want to capture him while the snow is on the ground. I am sure this weekend when the weather warms up the owl will be more active. Prey will be out and about. It should be a good time to make some photos of him in flight. For now though I will take these snowy photos.

The Reality Of Photography

When I tell people that I am a photographer they always so how cool it must be. It really is. There is no doubt about that. Above is what my view was for about two hours yesterday. Actually this image was taken on a crop frame body at 150mm so it is zoomed in a bit from what I was actually watching. I thought I would make it a little bigger so that you could at least make out the owl on the computer screen. I sat for over two hours staring at this little white blip on top of the hill. It didn’t move and neither did I. This is not the sexy part. I am still waiting for that. The fun begins though when the owl takes flight. I was not lucky yesterday. My luck could change tomorrow though. I hear photographers all of the time tell me in the photo wells how much they hate baseball because it is such a slow sport. I love photographing baseball. It will seem like the Indy 500 after waiting on this owl all winter.


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