Flags, Barns, and Sunsets

Finding Beauty On A Road Trip

This past year I have tried to use the crazy amount of time that I leave early for trips to find something to photograph along the way. Here with the light just right I found a familiar barn and I played around with the light. This was the first photo that I made of the barn that night. I then moved down the road to make a photo that I have already posted on this blog. I like the starburst photo, but I like the simple nature of this photo as well. This barn could be anywhere in America. Luckily for me it is not too far away.

The Forgotten Lens

When I bought my Canon 17-40mm I used it all of the time. It was almost in my bag. I then bought the Canon 8-15mm lens which took a little away from how much I used the 17-40mm lens. The purchase of the Canon 11-24mm lens pretty much put an end to my use of the 17-40. I still bring it out for a remote, but other than that it sits on my shelf. I was glad that I had it available to use here to get the shot that I wanted.


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