Down A Familiar Road

Looking For Owls Near The Windmills

I made this photo on the day that I spotted the snowy owl for the first time. The light was pretty good, and I knew that I had a post for the next day in case I did not see any owls. Of course I did, and you know that I went crazy with owl photos after that. This photo was sort of lost in the shuffle. It is simple and yet pretty appealing. I love driving down these country roads. They really calm me as they have since I first started making pictures on them in 2011. As long as I live close to the windmills I will find reasons to drive among them.


Creating Content All Of The Time

Posting a photo a day on this site can be taxing at times. I find myself always looking for new photos with the blog in mind. On a day like this one I wanted to make photos in case the owls didn’t pan out. If my main goal does pan out then I have a photo for a rainy day so to speak. Sometimes that rainy day is a day that is very cold when I have the kids with me. It is not worth risking all of our lives going out into below zero temperatures for a photo. Photos like this are a great way to make sure that I have something interesting to show you on days when I can’t get out to make a new photo.


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