Friday Night Lights…On A Thursday?

Watching Texas High School Football From Afar

On our first night in Austin for the Austin City Limits Festival I was making some pictures from the balcony on the 43rd floor of the condo we were staying at. Looking to my right I saw this football stadium in the distance. Since I wasn’t going to be making any other football pictures that weekend I decided to make one showing off some of the orange lights of the city leading up to the blue sky. On the field the Austin Maroons were taking on the McCallum Knights. I only brought the Sony rX1 II on the trip, and this was one time when I wished that I had a longer lens. Part of the fun of just having a 35mm lens for an entire trip though is that it makes you rethink how you shoot a bit. I can get into ruts where I just use certain lenses giving all of my photos a similar look. Here I was forced to think differently than I normally do.

Testing Out All 42mp of the Camera

This camera is far and above anything that I have ever used as far as megapixels go. 42 megapixels is crazy. Early on in the editing process of my first night shots with the camera I noticed one shot that looked a little different. The stadium in the background looked like it could actually be sharp. It was too far away to have too much detail…wasn’t it? I zoomed in and sure enough it was there. I copied the file, and made this crop out of it for a little exercise. The detail is there for sure. The 42mp is great when you nail the shot. As some of the others that I made that night showed though it also accentuates your flaws as well.


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