Hanging With John Purdue

The John Purdue Statue at Purdue University

A while back while photographing some yoga on the Memorial Mall I made a couple of pictures of the John Purdue statue while waiting for everything to start. The light was hitting him in such a way to kind of give him a light and a dark side. I thought that it could make for some interesting photos. I don’t photograph this statue very often. In fact I think that I have photographed it more this year than ever before. It does provide for some interesting shots, and I will try to get back here more often.

Telling My Assistant About John Purdue

For the yoga shoot I had my best assistant with my. My little three year old is very good at getting people to smile and be real. She had a lot of questions about John Purdue and who he was. I tried to explain that the university was named after him, but to her Purdue is a school not a man. I think she got the gist of it though, and as the years go on we can expand on the topic. How cool would it be to come back here on graduation day from Purdue? By then she will be explaining things to her old man.


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