Purdue Football Opens Up Their Season At Lucas Oil Stadium

This Team Is Fun!

Before I talk about the game I want to talk about this team. That was a fun game to watch. It has been a while since I could say that about Purdue Football. I had a great time photographing this team, and it was against one of the better programs in college football right now. I don’t want to get too excited after just one game, but that was a great first outing for new Purdue coach Jeff Brohm. The fans should absolutely be amped to see the Boilers play at home under the lights next week.

Thank You Anthrop Family

If you have read this blog for a while then you know the weird link to the Anthrop family. Danny was the first post ever on here. The first photo of my photo 365 project that I posted was of Danny returning a punt for a touchdown in high school. Now his younger brother is starring at Purdue. Before that their older brother played tough minutes for the basketball team. When everyone has made their way through the school the parents should get an award for their contributions to the program.

Lamar Jackson Is Pretty Good

There is a reason that Lamar Jackson won the Heisman last season. He is a special player that can keep plays alive. His feet are the reason that Louisville walked away with the victory last night. His arm had a little something to do with it as well. It was fun to see him play in person, and I still can’t believe how fast he is on the field.

Almost Had It

The photo above is a pretty good look at how the game went for Purdue. The victory was right there, but they just couldn’t grab it. Nobody gave this team a fighting chance to begin with so it was great to see them compete against a high level school for the win. The above play was close to being a great catch, but a defenders hand broke up the play at the last minute. Had one more break gone for the Boilers we would still be partying in Indianapolis.

Going Wide And Tight

I was anticipating a crowded sideline so I went with just a two camera setup for the game. I had my Canon 1DX on my 400mm f/2.8 lens, and my Canon 5D Mark IV was on my Canon 24-105 for most of the game. I was going to use the 70-200mm at the start, but looked at my background and realized that I can make those pictures later. Shortly after doing that I was rewarded with a nice catch right in front of me that I captured fairly wide. It was a nice sense of place picture that I was glad to make.

Remembering Bob DeMoss

It was really nice of Purdue to honor the first member of the cradle of quarterbacks with a sticker on their helmets. Just after Bob died I learned a lot more about him through some great stories from the second member of the cradle. He was a Purdue legend, and it was great to see him get the honor that he deserved.

Getting Back to Football

This was a fun but busy week. Two college games in three days is taxing on my hard drive space. After the all access extravaganza on Thursday it was hard to stay in the lines at first last night. I wanted to see what was going on everywhere, but was really just there to have some fun. This season I will have some unique opportunities to photograph in some cool places. Lucas Oil in week one is a great way to kick off the year. Next week will be Neyland Stadium which has been on the list to see a game there for many years now. Photographing a game there is just icing on the cake.

More Photos From the Game

That was a fun game, and a great day all around. You can see my full photo gallery from the game here. Yesterday was the kind of day where I stop and wonder how I get to do such cool things. The photos are available for download for backgrounds or whatever else you want to use them for (non-commercially of course).

Lucas Oil Stadium Looking Good

Before the game started and the fans rolled in I took my 5D Mark IV and my 11-24mm lens upstairs to make some shots of the stadium. I don’t get to shoot here often, and it has been three years since my last trip here. I wanted to make some nice stadium shots since I had the time. Out of all of the angles this one was my favorite. I love the city in the background through the window.

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