The Great Wolf Lodge

Hanging Out At The Great Wolf Lodge

Last weekend before heading to the Jimmy Buffett concert in Cincinnati we spent a day at the Great Wolf Lodge. I had never been before, but my step-daughter loves the place. I made this photo as we were waiting to head up to our rooms for the first time. I was checking out what was ahead of me for the next day or so, and it brought out the ten year old in me that is never very far from the surface. The large bucket tipping over was all that I needed to be excited for the fun on the day.

Taking the Kids on a Road Trip

Usually when I go out on the road it is by myself. This was the end of basically three straight weeks of travel. By this point the three hour ride to Cincinnati could have gone either way. We had some fun playing the license plate game. Being the tech guy that I am I found an app for the phone that made it a lot of fun. By the end of the trip we found 35 out of 50 plates, and a great way to make the trip fly by. I have made a couple of trips since then, and I sort of miss my co-pilots helping me find the plates.

Making Photos With the iPhone 7 Plus

This photo was made with my phone. As soon as I knew what that bucket was going to do I knew the kind of photo that I wanted to make. I wanted to slow the shutter down a bit to show a little motion. An app I use on my phone called ProCam allows me to treat my phone like I would my dSLR. It allowed me to get my shutter speed down to 1/30th of a second which was good enough to get this shot. To make sure it was sharp I simply pressed the phone up against the window.


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