Going Wide At the Purdue Engineering Fountain

Testing Out the Canon 11-24mm f/4 Lens at the Purdue Engineering Fountain

Sometimes things work out for the best. Prior to the 4th of July holiday I saw an ad for LensRentals.com offering two free days on any rental over the holiday. With a couple of trips planned I knew that I would use the 11-24 and get to test it out. From the first couple of shots I knew that I was not going to send the lens back. Lens Rentals is the only company that I rent from, and they have this great keeper program. If you fall in love with a lens you can just keep it. I was mostly joking around about keeping the lens until I walked the campus of Purdue with it. It was during that trip that I looked up the keeper price, and made the choice to keep it. This wide angle view of the engineering fountain was one of the reasons I decided to keep the lens. You will hear much more about this lens in the future I am sure.

Which Way To Go?

Sometimes with a photo I have different versions that I chose from when I post on here. This was one where I had two versions that I really liked. I started off making this into the photo directly above. I liked the look that I created here, and I was thinking about posting it right away. Then I realized the it could make a cool photo with no color as well. I then set out to create that photo. Both of them now made the post. Which one do you like better? I used to always love color. I never knew why you would make a photo in black and white. Now I find that I probably convert about 1/3 of my non sports photos into black and white. It is an interesting change that I have made.

The Week In Photos

Last week was the end of a three week whirlwind that saw us doing quite a bit of traveling. It has been fun from a photo perspective though. In this week’s favorite photos you get to see a little travel, concert, and aerial photography. Pretty soon they will go back to being more sports related, but for now I am really enjoying this. Maybe the sports will just have to take a backseat. You can see my favorite photos from last week here.


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