Metallica at Soldier Field

Finally Getting to See Metallica Again

The last time that I saw Metallica live was in 2009 while they were out promoting their new album at that time. It was a great show, and at that time it had been five years since I saw them live. I said that I wouldn’t let that happen again at the time. Of course now we all know how that ended. After seeing them rock again I will once again say that it will not be a long span before I see them play live again.

Music to Drive By

If you read this blog then you know that I like to edit my photos to softer, gentler music. On the way to photograph sporting events though I like something heavier. In fact if you look at my top 25 songs on iTunes most of them are Metallica. The top ten is all Metallica except for one song by Avenged Sevenfold who opened for Metallica Sunday night. It was a great night and a great rock show for sure. I can’t wait to do it all again.

Some Beautiful Light

As Metallica took the stage the light was nearly perfect. It was blue hour meaning all of the ambient light was even at the time. It was perfect conditions to photograph in. As the orange light came over the crowd I knew that it was my time to make pictures. I did not make many pictures during most of the show. When the light was great though I had to make a few. I need something cool to hang on the wall after all.

The Canon G16 Comes Through Again

When the light is good I will make concert photos all day with my iPhone. When the light is gone though I have to turn to my Canon G16 to get the job done. This camera is getting old by technology standards now, but it still is an amazing point and shoot. The best part about it though is the fact that I can manually set my exposure, and I can also shoot in RAW. Both of those are huge when shooting a rock show as you need to be able to make your photo. When I can’t bring in my big dSLR the G16 is the camera to bring.

More Photos From the Show

At some point most of my shots start to look the same as I was in one seat and couldn’t move. When that happens in a sport like basketball I try and mix it up with lenses to give a different view. I was stuck using the phone of the Canon G16 so that wasn’t an option. Below are a couple more favorites from the day.


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