Home Is Where the Art Is

Back Home Again

It is always fun to go back and visit the home I spent most of my childhood in. Most of my growing up was spent in this house in LaPorte. I made some great friends in this neighborhood that still exist to this day. Driving through the neighborhood now is kind of interesting. I look at houses and say to myself who used to live there. It is a different place now. The house at the end of the road is still home. For over thirty years I have thought of this place as home. A photo of snow falling on it was my first published photo. There are a lot of memories there so why not make a few photos of the house while I can?

The End Of An Era

Part of the reason for heading back to my parents house is to get some of my belongings out of it. It is now on the market for sale. In fact it has sold twice, but the financing has not been there on the other end. We moved out of the first house that I knew before I was nine. My parents had this house built, and most of my friends came from this neighborhood. When it sells it will be sad, but that is part of life. Some other family will have a great place to raise some kids. A very cool basketball court too.


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