Lafayette Roller Derby Plays Their Second Game of 2017

The Second Home Game For Lafayette Roller Derby

Saturday night I was back at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds to photograph some roller derby. In 2012 when I met my wife she told me that her sister was in roller derby. I was very interested in it from the get go. I had no idea what it was, but it sounded cool as can be. That year I made my photos from the stands as the Dolls played in the old venue. A lot of the current team it seems like were rookies then. The next year the team moved to the current venue at the fairgrounds, and I took on a bigger role with the team. Make no mistake about it this is a labor of love. I don’t get paid for what I do, but it is one of the most fun shoots I have each year. The emotion and fun are in abundance, and that is what I love to capture. The next game is in October, and that seems like a long time to wait to see the Dolls in action again.

Keeping It Simple

This was one of the easiest nights of derby that I have photographed. I brought two cameras and two lenses to the venue to use. I had my 70-200mm lens on my Canon 1DX, and my 17-40mm lens on my Canon 5D Mark IV. I wanted to have some fun with the images rather than worrying about what to have on my camera at what time. After a couple of weekends lugging around my 400mm all day it was nice to be much more mobile. That came in handy a couple of times as I made it to center track to capture a moment.

The Final Game For Roller Vortex

One thing that has happened over the years is that I have seen many skaters come and go. I started photographing the Brawlin’ Dolls in 2012, and more officially the following year. In that time I have seen many skaters come and go. When a veteran leaves though it is a big deal. I have photographed them for a few years, and you get to know them a bit. The good news in the case of Roller Vortex is that she is not going far. She will be skating for the South Shore Roller Girls, and will be back in town for the next game with them. One of the great roller derby moments I have been a part of so far was watching Vortex become lead jammer in her final jam with the Dolls. She made an apex jump, and the sheer joy in the arena was amazing. One of my photos is above, and will be a favorite derby photo for a while I would guess.

The Week In Photos

This past week was one filled with a lot to do, but not much of it stuff that I normally put out there for public consumption. I shot a lot, but mostly of my family. With summer break here that starts to become the norm unless I am on the road. It did manage to get out to photograph a few other sights and sounds during the week. My Exposure page with my favorite images can be found here. It is mostly shots from derby Saturday night, but why not check those out?


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