Willie McCovey and His Cove

McCovey Cove Outside of AT&T Park

Back in 2013 I was lucky enough to finally get to visit AT&T Park. It was on my list of parks that I have to visit. At the end of May I was finally able to get out to San Francisco to see what I had been missing. Due to a poor airline experience I only had a few waking hours in town. I spent some of the time touring around my hotel, hopped in a cab to see the Giants play, and then hit the bed so that I could get up early to watch the sun rise over the Golden Gate Bridge. I only had a few hours in San Francisco, but it is one of the trips that I remember the most. It was pretty cool. Part of what made it cool was seeing the Giants stadium. It is very well done, and in a great place. Here across the channel from the stadium is a statue of Giants hall of famer Willie McCovey. I have posted a shot of him before from a different angle, but this one was an angle that I really liked as well. For some reason it has taken me over four years to post the shot. It finally makes the blog though.

A Powerful Combination

This photo as well as yesterday’s photo were both made with my Canon 60D and my Canon 24-70mm lens. The Canon 60D was the start of this whole venture into photography for real. I got it in September of 2011, and I have not looked back since. Because of that camera this blog was started, as well as everything that has come since then. I have made some of my most ‘famous’ images with it. In fact this weekend I just sold another wall size image made with the 60D. It is funny how I am always worried about sensor size and megapixels now, but that 60D did the trick with less than I have now. I need to keep that in mind at times. The 24-70mm lens was at the time very new to me. I had just picked it up from a photographer friend who helped me out a lot early on. It was my main lens at the time. I made a lot of images with those two lenses. The 24-70 was my second ‘L’ series lens, but the gateway to getting many more in a short period of time. My 24-105mm lens has pretty much kicked the 24-70mm out of the bag. I love the extra reach I get with it as well as the reduction in weight. When basketball season comes around again though I need to get the 24-70 back out.

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