Getaway Day

Preparing For a Trip

I usually use a baseball term when thinking about getting ready to leave for a trip. Getaway day in baseball is when the team leaves for their next city as soon as the game is over. For me it is a little different. It usually involves getting the kids to bed, and then preparing for me trip. Before I became serious about photography packing for a trip was easy. I would just throw some clothes in a bag and go. It was as simple as that. Now I agonize over lens and camera choices before I leave. I usually still have the one bag with clothes in it, but it also will have some extra photography gear stored in it as well. My multiple bags heading off make me feel like I am moving to a new house. For a multiple day tournament though you never know what you will need, or what you will want. Sometimes it is good to mix things up a bit, and I need to have everything somewhat near me.

The Geese Make Their Run

I made this photo as the geese were coming back north this past year. The mild winter really seemed to confuse the birds who didn’t know what to do. While waiting for some eagles to fly by this flock of geese flew over me. With the sky behind them it gave me an opportunity to make a photo I had been thinking about for a while. Early morning at the pond gives you many possibilities for photos. Always be ready for one that might fly by you.

The Week In Photos

Last week was really a busy week. The week was pretty much split down the middle between business and pleasure. I had a really busy first three days of the week with a golf tournament and baseball all thrown into three short days. From there it was all about the kids. Youth softball and a weekend full of everything that goes with a dance recital took up much of my time. It was amazing watching the girls get a reward for all of their hard work all year with the recital on the campus of Purdue University. You can see some of my favorite photos from last week here on my Exposure site. This coming week will be full of a lot of baseball. This time of the year that is the sport that is left. The baseball season for me will switch from college to the summer leagues soon so I want to get all of the college ball in while I can.

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