The Indianapolis Indians Take on the Charlotte Knights In Another Morning Start

Baseball in the Morning

For the second straight day I was up early heading down to Indy to photograph some minor league baseball. Victory Field is a place that is always fun to photograph at so it does not take much to get there early in the day. With over 150 bus loads of kids at the stadium the atmosphere was pretty cool too. Indy did not let the home crowd go home unhappy though as they pulled out the win for the series sweep of Charlotte.

Finally Getting To See Yoan Moncada

The main purpose of the two trips to Indy were to see Yoan Moncada and the rest of the Charlotte Knights play. They only come to Indy once, and Moncada may get called up sooner rather than later. Moncada is the top prospect in the minors right now. Add the fact that he is playing for my favorite teams farm club, and I was a little excited to see if he was the real deal. You can’t judge a player by one game, but from what I already know and what I saw Wednesday I would say that he is for real.

Making the Photo In Your Head

I have been wanting to try this angle during the autograph sessions for a while now. You really need to have someone patient with you as you are in their business to get the shot. I saw it somewhere, and thought of a way to make it even better. The light was right to make this work without any speed lights so I was in luck. Like any good photographer I practiced this on another player before Moncada stepped up to sign some autographs. I did not know if he would, but from what I have heard he always signs before a game. I figured out what my angle had to be on the other player so that when Yoan went to hand this ball back to the boy I would know what to do. This was my favorite shot of the game, and I made it about ten minutes after I arrived at the park. It was only downhill from there, but in that crazy good way.

Staying Up Close

The next two sections will have some up close and personal shots from the game. I have a 400mm lens so why not use it? I really like photographing catchers that wear their regular hat backwards. Maybe it is because I don’t see it that often anymore. When Elias Diaz came back into the dugout after warming up a pitcher late in the game I was happy to make this up close shot of him. I need to find more details this baseball season. That hunt will help me keep things fresh as the summer winds down.

Baseball in Black and White

Above is my attempt at showing baseball in black and white. Adam Pintar who shoots for the Indians curates a gallery every month showcasing some of the best black and white photos from Victory Field each month. You can find his Baseball in Black and White here. Give it a look.

The Ice Bath

It was against these two teams when I made the photo that really got my baseball work some attention. The Josh Bell ice bath photo went a long way for me. With time on my hands Wednesday I made another version of that photo, but this time with Joey Terdoslavich getting the icy bath. I have an idea to make this better, but I need the right player and the right time to try it. I need to get to some more games.

Shooting a Professional Game

Shooting a game at Victory Field is a little different than shooting a high school or college game. The ground you have to cover to change positions is much farther, and you have more people to deal with when you do it. You really have to think ahead if you want to get to another position. I mentioned it yesterday, but I love the 11 o’clock starts because it gives you a chance to shoot from the ‘good seats’. The stadium is very crowded, but the season tickets holders probably find it hard to make the early start. When the stadium is completely packed you really have to think about where you want to be very early. It is not easy to get through a crowded concourse with a big lens and other gear. It can be done, but it takes some patience. I started heading to the home dugout to get this view of the field about a half inning before I normally would. I even cut some corners to get there quicker. I was able to see my guy bat from a different angle, and capture him sliding into second on a steal attempt. A little thinking ahead allowed me to be in the right place at the right time.


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