A Trey Ratcliff Photowalk

Joining the Trey Ratcliff Photowalk in Chicago

In 2015 I drove up to Chicago to join the Trey Ratcliff photowalk. It was a great way to meet Trey, but also to meet other like minded photographers. It was a great chance to make some photos of Chicago along the way. The photos in this post were made with more of a documentary focus early on. With the walk not starting yet I thought that I would document Trey interacting with the crowd. It has to be something to meet so many people that feel like they know you with you knowing so little about them. When someone puts so much of themselves online they really create a weird dynamic with their fans. They know so much about you through those videos. Trey on the other hand most likely knew very little with each person that came up to them. It has to feel crazy, but that is the price of fame. I have experience a little bit of this on a far, far smaller scale. It is crazy, and I can only imagine that it gets even crazier when millions of people follow you as opposed to the tens of people that follow me.

The Influence of Trey Ratcliff on my Photography

It is hard to gauge just how much Trey Ratcliff has influenced my photography. Early on he was pretty much my only influence. The form that this blog took was based directly on his blog at Stuckincustoms.com. As I have said many times I think that I am too cerebral of a photographer. The work and videos that Trey has put online have helped me find my creative side a little more. That is why it was so important to me to attend this photowalk in Chicago. It was cool to see the process and hang with a bunch of like minded photographers. I don’t do photowalks very often, but when I do I always some away very happy. I love to talk about photography. If you have spent time around me then I am sorry if I have gone on too long about it. I just love it, and I could talk about it forever. During a photowalk like this one you really have the opportunity to talk about photography and explore ideas with others. This year I have gotten a back into the photography of Trey a little more. I have taken a step back from the sports side of my photography, and had some fun with other things for a while. Watching him fly his drone to find new views on subjects was one of the reasons I bought my drone. It is hard to gauge just how much of an influence he has had on my photography, but the influence has been high.


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