A Drive Through Eugene, Indiana

An Unexpected Find In Eugene

I have been to Eugene, Indiana a couple of times now. The first couple of times I just photographed the covered bridge and then I turned around to head back on my way. This time I saw some interesting buildings on the mural of the restaurant by the bridge. I knew that they buildings on the mural were in the town so I went a little deeper into the town to see what the other points of interest were about. The first thing that you see is a beautiful home. It looks so out of place in that town. I drove by it knowing that I would see it on my way back. To me the highlight of the town is the  Methodist Church. It is a beautiful old church.

More To See in Eugene

I really had some fun in a limited time in Eugene. Right across from the church is what appears to be an old school building. It looks to have been repurposed now, but it still has the look of an old school building. I would never have guessed what was down the road based on what is around the bridge. The mural that pointed me into the town was a great thing. Below are a couple of bonus photos from the town that I liked.

The Week in Photos

What a week it was! I was able to get back out and photograph baseball again. It was a good feeling, and one that I hope that I can do many more times this year. Indiana State even celebrated my first game of the year with a walk off winner. Saturday morning I also was able to photograph my first football action of 2017. It was only practice, but it was fun to be back on the gridiron. I love to photograph baseball, and for some reason I have been labeled a baseball photographer, but football is the sport that I am closest to. I can’t wait to get some more under my belt this year. I also shot my first softball of 2017 this past week. The games above were part of four games in two days that I shot. The first photos at Purdue were purely for my benefit, but they were still fun games to cover. It was also fun to get to see my first Sycamore softball games ever. I scouted out the field before the baseball game Tuesday, but shot there for the first time Saturday. You can see my favorite photos from the past week on my Exposure page here.

5 Replies to “A Drive Through Eugene, Indiana”

  1. Thank you for the beautiful photos! They mean a lot to me as I moved away from this gem of a town when I was young, but the images are always in the back of my mind.

  2. Lovely photos of the community where I grew up! Some more information on the local landmarks:
    The large home was built by John Grondyke, the founder of nearby Cayuga. It is still owned by his great-granddaughter’s family, and is not occupied, but kept preserved .
    The schoolhouse was used up until the 1950s. My dad, now 75, went to school there. It used to be two stories, but was rebuilt as one story after a fire. It’s used as a community center now, and can be used for public and private events. It has also been used as a polling station during local elections.
    The Methodist Church has been a fixture in the community for as long as I can remember. I believe it was built in the late 1800s. Sadly, membership has dwindled and they are considering closing the doors.
    Thank you for preserving our local history through your wonderful photos.

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