Chatting Overlooking Indy

A Good Chat During Sunset

Five years ago today I was in Indianapolis making some photos of the Super Bowl village. I thought that Indy did a great job hosting the Super Bowl. If you know me then you know that I don’t like crowds. I decided to get away a few times to find something a little quite to photograph. It was also a cold day so any chance to get out of the cold for a minute was a good thing. I made my way to this parking garage next to the old Robert’s Camera store to make some images. My sunset shot of Lucas Oil is one of my more popular photos, and actually hangs in Lucas Oil. Just before I made that shot I was looking out of the elevator bay back towards the city. As I was doing so I was messaging back and forth with my future wife. At the time we did not know it, but we were on a course that would change both of our lives. As I was waiting for her replies I would make a photo. This was one of those that I made that day.

Revisiting the Old stuff

I don’t like to rework old photos. Maybe it is the fact that as a kid I watched George Lucas drastically change his great movies. Speilburg also decided to take the guns out of the FBI agents hands many years after the fact. I really feel that the image is what I thought it was at the time. I have gone back to rework some of the older stuff. The image of Lucas Oil was touched up a bit prior to selling it. This is a photo that was never published, and really not edited. There was a reflection from the lights in the bay that I was in on the glass. I couldn’t get rid of it at the time so I was never published. Content aware makes easy work of that so now I can finally put this one out there.


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