The Davis Ferry Bridge

Train Tracks Over the Wabash

One of the things that having the quadcopter has done for me is it has for some reason made me go back and revisit many places that I photographed early in this photography journey. Some of my first HDR work was done around the Davis Ferry Bridge. I am not proud of most of it, but it was all part of the learning experience. As I am learning more and more about my drone I have found myself in very familiar places with it. The cloudy, snowy day made sure that nothing that I made with the sky in it looked very good. Shooting straight down on the bridge worked very well because of the lack of sunlight. I had an evenly lit subject below me. In the air anything becomes fair game to photograph.

Back on Facebook Live

When I went out to photograph the bridge I went back live on Facebook for my flight there and back. This time instead of going live on my personal page I went live on my photography page. Once I started the feed I backed out of the app to share the feed on my personal page as well. Backing out of the app made the feed stop for some reason so I had to start it over. At some point I will figure out how to share to multiple platforms at once with only my phone on me. Maybe I need to have my iPad along just to share out the link to my feed. Anyway you can see the entire feed above from my first flight over the Davis Ferry Bridge. If you want to see more of my live feeds as they happen you can check out my Facebook photography page here.

The Quadcopter Phase

This is the time period in my photography career that will later be known as the quadcopter phase. In case you couldn’t tell my quadcopter arrived just over a week ago. Every post but one since then has been a quadcopter shot. At some point the blog will return to a more normal group of photos I am sure, but the quadcopter is just so much fun right now that I just can’t stop flying it. Tomorrow is a post that I scheduled before the quadcopter arrived so you will get a more normal shot from near my face there. Just a warning though. The shot is elevated because I went up as high as I could in a parking garage to make it. I fully expect this phase to wane at some point, but right now I am having too much fun flying the drone to worry about that.


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