Indiana State Women’s Basketball vs. IUPUI

The Sycamore Women Return Home to Face IUPUI

Last night I shot a doubleheader of basketball on my way to see the Purdue volleyball team play at Missouri.The first game of that doubleheader was the Indiana State women’s team taking on IUPUI. This was a very low scoring game making it tough to make photos of the made baskets. It was a fun game to shoot though, and a good way to start off this stretch of games. I have five games in the next five days with a lot of travel all around that. What will make this journey worthwhile will be the photos that I come away with when it is all said and done.

Photographing Wendi Bibbins

Last night was my first night photographing the Indiana State women’s team. One player that stuck out to me was Wendi Bibbins. She was a good player who had a good night, but from the photographers standpoint she really was fun to photograph. With Michael Jordan it was all about the shoes. With Wendi it was all about the hair. Her hair seemed to always be going in a different direction from her body, and that makes for some fun photos. The photo above would have been one that I liked after the game, but the addition of the hair all laid out makes it one of my favorites from the game.


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