NCAA Cross Country Nationals

Photographing the National Championships

This year I have been lucky enough to photograph a couple of national championships. It is a great moment for the team or individual that has won. It can be devastating to the team that did not win. Yesterday I was in Terre Haute to photograph the NCAA Cross Country National Championships. I had no specific position rather I was given the green light to roam around and find the photos. That is a blessing and a curse. I did not shoot every finisher, but I did find some moments. I didn’t come away with a lot of photos on the day, but I did find some moments that I really liked. On a day filled with upsets there were a lot of moments to find.

The Emotion of the Day

The women’s championship was delayed quite a bit as they tried to figure out the closest finish in history. In the end the Oregon won the team title over Michigan. Just after the finish of the race I found myself near the Michigan team as they were trying to find out if they had won or not. They were given a bunch of information saying that they won, and that they had finished third. I stuck with them knowing that if they were announced the winner they would explode with happiness. As I said they finished second, but they still gave me a lot of good moments. It is amazing just how close this race was. The moment above was the entire Michigan squad showing some love to senior Erin Finn who finished second. I think that she had her sights set a bit higher, but her team was there to lift her up. Those moments are the ones that restore your faith in people again. Watching the various teams all day really gave me a lot of hope. These young kids get it, and that is very nice to see.

Boilers in the Field

Both the men’s and women’s races had runners from Purdue in them. Both of those runners are freshmen. That is a good sign for a Purdue running program that is on the rise. It was very cool to see the Old Gold and Black run by me, and I made sure that I made a few photos of them as they did. It will be fun to see a few more Boilers in Louisville next year.


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