John Wooden Returns to Purdue

The new John Wooden Statue at Mackey Arena

As I was walking into the first day of the Stacey Clark Classic on Friday I walked right past the new John Wooden statue at Mackey Arena. Earlier in the week I saw an Instagram post of the statue, but I did not know where it would be located. After seeing where it was it all made sense after seeing some work in that area for a few weeks now. When I walked into the arena there was just the top portion of the John Wooden Pyramid in place. By the time I unpacked my gear and made it back out to the statue the entire pyramid was in place. It was pretty cool to see this come together, and it will be a place for Purdue fans to visit over and over for sure. It would be nice to see Purdue do this for many of the athletes up in the rafters of Mackey, but I am sure that they are working on it. John Wooden is the perfect place to start though. The statue is up now, but it will be officially dedicated Saturday before the football game against Nevada. A lot of good reasons to come down to campus Saturday. One cool thing about walking around this part of campus is that you never know who you will run into. I have bumped into NFL athletes, Olympic medalists, and other celebrities. Now I can bump into John Wooden whenever I want to.

The Week in Photos

This week I had a lot of fun making photos, and I think that it shows in the sheer volume of photos that I have placed in my weekly Exposure post. You can find that post here. I have also put together a post with my favorite photos from the Stacey Clark Classic that you can find here. There is some overlap, but I am proud of both posts.


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