Purdue Volleyball vs. Southeastern Louisiana

Purdue Opens the 2016 Stacey Clark Classic With a Win

Yesterday morning was kind of bittersweet. Purdue opened up the Stacey Clark Classic with a win over Southeast Louisiana. As the Boilers celebrated the win one huge smile was missing. That was the smile of Stacey Clark herself. I have touched on this before, but Stacey was a very early supporter of my volleyball work. Her kinds words on Twitter were very much appreciated. It seemed like with every post I would see her name pop up shortly after with a like. Her big smile when greeting you was also amazing. When she passed in February I was hesitant to post anything about it. I really only knew her very superficially, but I felt a connection to her. It was when I realized that it was for that reason exactly why I should say something about her. She touched so many people at Purdue that I found I was just one of many who felt the need to say something. As this tournament moves on I am sure that Stacey will be on the minds of many in attendance as they cheer on their Boilers. During the course of the day I made a few photos. I put them together in one collection on my Exposure page here.

Ten Years of Blogging!

After writing that above I feel kind of  weird bragging just below it, but today is a huge milestone for me. Ten years ago I was so excited with a Purdue football win and my photos from it that I decided to start a blog. I had been looking for a way to show off my amazing images, but I did not know how to do it. I found some people online who had a blog through Blogger so I joined up. I did not know what I was doing at the time, and ten years later I feel that I still might not know. One fun thing to do is to go back and look at these awesome images that I captured at the time. I cringe looking at many of them now. Some of them I still quite like though. The first image that I blogged about is one of them. Purdue running back Kory Sheets stretching over the goalline for a touchdown against Ball State. You can see the image and read the post here. I have talked a couple of times here about how excited I was about that image at the time. I had captured the same moment that Tom Campbell at Purdue had. One of my favorite things to do was to look through Gold and Black Illustrated to see Tom’s images every week. The fact that I had the same timing as him at the time was very cool to me. Now that I am down on the field though I realize how much easier it is to make a photo from up top. One thing that I like about my image is the shadow that I could capture from my seat that breaks the plane of the goal before Kory does. I wish that I had better equipment back then because I really like the idea of this photo. Over the course of that blog I made a few images that I still like today. That blog has not been updated in quite some time now. My photography took off, and I have spent my energy on this blog for nearly five years now.


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