Purdue Soccer Battles Montana

My First Time Seeing Purdue at Folk Field This Season

Yesterday I made my way out to Folk Field to see the Purdue Boilermaker soccer team take on the Montana Grizzlies. I really enjoy photographing soccer, but last year I did not have many opportunities to do so. It seemed like most Purdue home games were in direct conflict with something that I had booked. This year I had an early chance to see the team and I took it. At this point of the season I am just trying to get back into the groove photographing soccer. There are many aspects to the game that you do not see in any other sport so it takes a little getting used to again. Soccer is one sport that I am still trying to master. I think that I have a decent handle on it, but it does not come as natural to me as some sports do. A couple of years ago I shot a lot of soccer to get the basics of the sport down. This year I would like to shoot a lot to keep learning it. Hopefully that is in the cards. Soccer is a sport that is very fun to shoot so why not work more of it into my schedule?

The Week In Photos

This week was a welcome change. For most of the summer I basically shoot baseball. There are not many other options around here. This past week though I shot soccer, football, and volleyball for the first time this season again. It felt great, and sort of recharges the batteries so to speak. You feel like you are making new photos which is always great. It is nice to have a week in photos with some other sports in it for once. Next week I have a lot of volleyball booked so I am sure that it will skew very much towards that sport. You can look at some of my favorite photos from last week on my Exposure page here. This is a feature that I started during basketball season last year, and has been fun for me to curate each week since.

Purdue Soccer vs. Montana Photo Gallery

Below are a few bonus photos from the match that I liked. I shot with the sun for the first half, and backlit for the second half. I thought that I really liked the light during the first half, but I really liked how the photos looked backlit during the second half. You really see the turf and hair flying that much more. Anyway here are a few that I liked from the game.


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