Hanging Out At Spaceship Earth

Having Fun at Epcot

While waiting in line for the Spaceship Earth ride I had some fun making some images of the iconic orb that greets you as you enter Epcot. When most people think of Epcot this is the image that appears in your mind. I had some fun making images from all around the iconic structure. I cut it in half as I did here. I shot it up close to see the geometry involved. I made the wide shot a few times that everyone does, and I also made pictures from inside of the orb. The fun part about Disney is the fact that you are on vacation so why not try some new things? I tried to show the many sides of this structure. I also made sure that it showed up in a lot of my backgrounds over the course of the week. Sometimes it was very small back there, but it was there. I little symbol to let you know exactly where you are.

Photos of the Week

This week I have once again compiled my favorite shots from the week into an Exposure page.  You can find that page here. This is a fun way to see some of my favorite work from the past week. This week I had three shoots that are private, and won’t be in the photos of the week. Even without those three I am still happy with my take. Next week will have a lot of baseball in it. I will be shooting 15 games over the course of four days for the MVC Conference Tournament. I have no idea what will happen over that four days, but I am sure the emotions will be running high. It should be a good week to shoot.


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