#20 Purdue Defeats #10 Maryland

Purdue Gets Another Big Home Win Against Maryland

Good thing that this is not a news site as this game occurred last Saturday. I like to recap my events though so I knew that it would eventually make its way to the blog. Last weekend was a very busy weekend, and I wanted to make sure that everything made it to the blog. For some reason the Purdue basketball stuff does not play well here so I decided that it was the post that could wait a while. A game like this one deserves to be talked about though. It was a great atmosphere Saturday in Mackey Arena. Mackey is one of the best places that I have seen basketball played in so that is saying a lot for that building. There were a couple of times that I had chills sitting next to the court. I was in the middle of a long day shooting swimming, and I could have done anything during my break. I chose to walk over to Mackey because it has that kind of an atmosphere that makes it an event that you don’t want to miss. It is hard to believe that there is only one home game left this season.

The Paint Crew Brings It

The Paint Crew had another camp out, and they came into the building ready to blow the roof off of it. I saw some snow still on the roof of Mackey as I walked into it, and I thought that the Paint Crew might just knock off the rest of that snow. When I walked out I did not see any left so maybe they did. They were a huge part of the win. The energy that they give Mackey is unbelievable, and they are a big obstacle for the opponent to overcome. They have to get the crowd out of the game, and this is a smart crowd that is not easy to take out of the game.

More Photos From the Game

I have placed some of my favorite photos from the game in an Exposure page that you can find here. It was a great day that I wanted to document from my perspective. I also have a few photos from the game in my week in photos Exposure post that I put up once a week. You can find that post here. You now have a couple of options to view my game photos. This coming week will be senior night so I am sure that I will do something similar again.


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