Big Ten Swimming and Diving Championships Day One

Photographing the Big Ten Championships

Since I have really started photographing around Purdue they have had a few Big Ten events on campus. I have been lucky enough to photograph them all so far. One thing that I talk about a lot on this blog is emotion. When I covered my first swim meet at Purdue I was ready to capture the emotion of the winners after a race. Of course a normal meet during the season really did not elicit much emotion. In just the two events that I saw last night the stakes were high, and the crowd and teams were really into it. This event goes until Saturday, and I think that the emotion will just keep increasing as the days go on. This will be a really fun weekend.

Slowing Things Down a Little

When the freestyle event comes around I usually head to the side to capture it. When it is a long distance freestyle event I have a little fun. You have a few opportunities to have the swimmers pass you, and you can try and really to slow things down as much as possible. I made the photo above at 1/60th of a second. It gives a sense of motion that I really like, and takes what is normally a boring freestyle photo up a notch. It is not always something that I recommend during a meet, but it is a way to have some fun and test yourself. When the really long distance races occur I may try and slow it down even more. You come away with very few keepers, but the ones that you do get can be interesting.

Using the Canon 100-400mm f/3.5-5.6 II

This weekend I am test driving a new lens. I love my 400mm prime, and I would not trade it for anything. There are times though when I need to be a little more mobile when covering an event. This summer I will be making photos for the Indianapolis Indians, and I will need to move around quite a bit. I have been thinking about using a lens like this one on the days when I will have enough light to shoot. Losing a couple of stops of light at 400mm is a big deal, and would be brutal during a night game. From my first test yesterday I can say that I think this lens has a lot of potential. I plan on using it a little during the rest of the Big Ten meet as well as a couple of basketball games this weekend. These are not environments with a lot of extra light so I will know real quick what I can do with it. It did alright on the first day. I was fun to walk around with one lens that would get a lot of what I needed done.

Bonus Photos

Below are a couple of bonus photos that I liked from the night. As I said it was only two events, but the emotion was great for those two.


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