Purdue Gets a Signature Win Against Michigan State

Purdue Wins An Exciting Game in Overtime

Last night I was in Mackey Arena to witness the best basketball game that I have seen in a while. It was a game that needed more than regulation to decide between #18 Purdue and #8 Michigan State. On Monday night I watched a video showing the five overtime game that Notre Dame played in which was the longest in Big East history. At one point I wondered if history would repeat itself with an ultra long game for Purdue. I was having a great time with lots of card space left so why not? The game only lasted the one overtime though as Vince Edwards hit the deciding free throw, and A.J. Hammons pulled down a key rebound to seal the victory. It was a great game that was full of emotion. That is all that you can ask for as a photographer. I don’t get too excited usually while shooting a game. The camera kind of pulls me out of that mode. Last night though the crowd was so great that I could not help but get into the game. I even had a few inappropriate fist pumps during the game. It was a big game and a big win for Purdue. Mackey was alive last night, and I hope that it stays that way for the rest of the season.

Changing Your Gameplan

Since I am not shooting for anyone I don’t have a spot to sit during the games normally. The spots are full with the wire photographers, and all of Purdue’s photographers. My plan going into the game was to make a photo of the tip with the Paint Crew in the background, and then move up into the stands. I found a seat on the side of the court to make my tip off photo, and I was just waiting for a timeout to move up into the stands. As I sat there though the Purdue bench was emoting so well that I could not stop shooting them. That alone made me stay where I was for the entire game. My view from the side was a little different, and I was able to make some photos that I normally could not have made.

A Great Day

Before I made my way to Mackey I was back down by the Wabash to see the eagles. I wanted some photos of them with the snow all around them. My shooting spot was absolutely loaded with eagles including some beautiful mature bald eagles. I made some photos that I really liked, and I am sure that in the next couple of days you will see a few of them. It is good to have a plan going into an event, but be ready to change that plan if something else comes your way.

More Photos From the Game

I really had no intention of making an Exposure page for the game last night when I was shooting. Purdue does a great job of covering the game from a few different angles so why should I make one? As I was looking through my photos I realized that I had a few that I would like some people to see as well. I was still buzzing from the game so sleep was not an option. Why not make a page? You can find my Exposure page from the game here.



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