Bald Eagles In West Lafayette

An Eagle Flys By

I really do not have any camouflage on my gear when I shoot birds and eagles. My theory on eagles is that they have such great vision that I am not going to disguise myself good enough anyway. I just let them get used to me by staying still for a while, and eventually they come closer out of curiosity. My big white Canon lens must really stick out to the raptors as they come to see just what I have. The photo above is of an immature bald eagle flying over me to see what I am all about. A just patiently sat on a park bench waiting for the eagles to come to me. It seemed like they never would, and then this one did. It got to a point where I was actually worried that I had too much lens for a second. It is rare that I have that worry photographing birds.

My Favorite Photos From the Past Week

One more plug for my favorite photos of the week. I have been putting together an Exposure page every Monday with some of the photos that I liked from the week before. Last week I did not shoot very much, but I did make some photos that I thought were interesting. You can find that Exposure page here. The posts are not my most popular on Exposure, but they are fun to put together. At times it gives me a goal when shooting as well. I want to make something cool for the page.

The Re-Birth of Second Level Studios

If you have followed me for a while then you know that I belonged to a group of photographers who shared a common studio space downtown. The studio is called Second Level Studios, and is a fantastic place to shoot. If you are a photographer in or around Lafayette come and give it a look. They are having an open house on February 27th. You can find out more info on the studio here on their website. Many plans are available to suit what you need.


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