Bald Eagles on the Wabash

Watching the Eagles Play on the Wabash River

Yesterday I did something that I have not done in a while. I went down to the Wabash to try and find some eagles to photograph. I have seen a few this year so far, but none that were in a position for me to photograph. Thanks to a little patience I saw a few yesterday. Early on in my journey I saw a few eagles, and made some okay photos. Instead of leaving though I doubled back to my starting point to give it one more try. I was rewarded with some photos that I really liked. You never know when the eagles will leave so I wanted to make sure that I made a photo that I really liked. As the light was fading it gave me a beautiful golden light to work with as well. I think that I will make it a point to watch the eagles as long as they stay here in Lafayette. They are beautiful, and they make for a great and interesting subject for me. It is also fabulous practice with my long glass. If you can find and keep these eagles in your eye piece a football player is pretty easy.

Using the Canon 7D Mark II

As the winter has come and most events I shoot move indoors I use the Canon 7D Mark II less and less. It is a good camera, but I want the low light performance of my full frame cameras inside. Yesterday I put the 7D Mark II on my 400mm lens to increase my field of view. The 1.6x crop factor gets me a little closer to the action. I could just crop the images made with my 1DX, but I want all of the pixels in the center that the 7D Mark II gets me. Even as the light was fading I think that the camera did really well for me.

My Favorite Photos of the Week

Once again I have compiled some of my favorite photos from the past week in one post on my Exposure page. You can find that post here.


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