Indiana State vs. Missouri State

Indiana State Uses Strong Second Half To Defeat Missouri State

Last night I was in Terre Haute to photograph the Indiana State and Missouri State game. This was my first time shooting in the Hulman Center. It was a great arena that I will have more on in another post. Today I will focus on the Indiana State game against Missouri State. For most of the first half it looked like Missouri State was the better team. Indiana State came out firing in the second half, and pulled away with the 68-59 victory. Rebounding was the key for Indiana State as they pulled down an impressive 51 boards during the game.

Devonte Brown Scores 1,000 Points

During the first half of the game Sycamore senior Devonte Brown scored his 1,000th career point. During the second half I made it a point to make a few images of Brown for the school. What I ended up with during that time of focus was some of the best images of the game for me. The reigning MVC player of the week plays the game hard, and that translated very well to my images. Devonte is a fun player to photograph, and I would love to do so again.

Watching Paul Lusk Again

This was the first time that I have seen Paul Lusk since he left Purdue to replace Cuonzo Martin at Missouri State. I wondered what kind of a coach he would be on the sidelines, and he turned out to be very energetic. I did not have to focus on him long to get an interesting picture.

Seeing Double

During the pregame introductions I did a double take when I saw Brenton Scott on the Indiana State bench. I enjoyed photographing his brother Bryson Scott when he played at Purdue. Bryson was a slasher that always seemed to make a move that looked good on camera. From what I saw last night Brenton has the same game, and he gave me some great photos during the course of the night. Seeing Brenton play reminded me that I need to catch an IPFW game to see Bryson play again.

Shooting in Good Light

One thing that I really want to talk about is the lighting at the Hulman Center. It seems like the trend is to have this very dramatic lighting with TV in mind. From the perspective of the overhead TV cameras the light is great. When you are photographing on the baseline though there is no light on the front of the players when they are at the basket. I first noticed this while shooting at Butler last year. The light is very dramatic, but I want just a little more fill light. This year Mackey installed a similar lighting system. The players look great at the free throw line, but at the basket you lose a little fill light on them. The idea is to make the court the center of attention. At Indiana State the light is pretty much the same throughout the entire arena. You don’t get the dramatic look to your photos, but you do get a nice even light on the player at the basket. As the move to LED lighting systems picks up steam I am sure that Indiana State will go the route of everyone else. For now though I can enjoy some light on the front of the players faces.

Bonus Photos

With the late game I was not sure if I was going to make an Exposure page for this game. I had so much fun shooting the game that I stayed up to put it together. You can find that page here.


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