Top 15 Stadium Photos of 2015

My 15 Favorite Stadium Photos From the Past Year

When I cover an event I like to get a general view as well as the tight action shots. When I visit somewhere new I also like to get to the stadium early to see what kind of angles I can get. When you are hired to cover the action you can’t always leave your post to shoot from that angle, but before the stadium is opened to the public you can usually make a cool image. Sometimes you cover a team over the course of a season, and you can afford to go and make the stadium shot when the light is right. These are the best situations. A couple of those images appear on this countdown. In a way these stadium shots become my shots from a shoot. They show a bit more of the story than any one still from the game sometimes can. Here are fifteen of those photos from 2015 that were memorable to me.

15. This past winter I was not really planning to drive to Frankfurt on a snowy night to see the West Side basketball game play. When I realized what gym they were playing in I decided to make the drive. Historic Case Arena is one of the great high school gyms in Indiana. People from all over the United States know about it for a different reason though. It was the home court for the Western University Dolphins in the movie Blue Chips. This was a very cool gym to shoot in due to the unique nature of it.

14. The next stadium is one that I spent a lot of time in over the course of a year. It was interesting to go back and revisit it last year as the Purdue women’s basketball team travelled to Bloomington to face the Hoosiers. As I said above I made it to the stadium early to make some shots. Knowing that the stadium would not fill up for the game this was my best chance to make a photo. I put the usher into the shot just to give a little scale on just how high up we were.

13. This past March I was lucky enough to shoot a couple of games in the NCAA Tournament for Iowa State and Hampton. A very cool benefit from the experience was that I also was able to shoot the Purdue game as well. On media day I walked around the stadium to make some photos from a few different angles. I liked this one as it told the story of the Purdue experience. Because I was not shooting for the school I don’t think anyone has seen this photo until now.

12. The Purdue women’s volleyball team plays in Holloway Gymnasium. When this gym is packed it is a sight to see. The good news is that this gym is packed for nearly every game of the season. For one of the early season games this year I got permission to head up to the camera deck to make a picture early in the game. The Big Ten Network was covering the game, and they wanted to exclusively use the deck. A picture before the broadcast though didn’t hurt anyone, and it was a good photo of the first packed house of many this past season.

11. This year I only made one trip to Wrigley Field. I was determined to make a photo of the stadium with the new additions though. I had not been in the stadium since the 2013 season so there was quite a bit of new things for me to see. This is not the old time ballpark that I remember. I still am too sure just how much I like the changes.

10. U.S. Cellular Field is one park that has made many changes all for the better. I did not like this park when it first opened up. I love old Comiskey Park for many reasons. The new park was just too much of a cookie cutter park. Of course with the name change to the new park came new money to fix some of those things. I liked this photo of the front of the park because it shows it off a bit as well as showcases the monument to the 2005 World Championship team as well. This was one benefit to having a little too much time to kill in the city one afternoon. With no real agenda I went to the park to make some photos I have always wanted to make. This was one of those photos.

9. This year right before the anthem at a Purdue football game I heard that there was going to be a flyover. I scrambled to get a wide angle lens on my camera, and thought of a spot I could get to quickly. I had an idea, but with the time available I could never get to that spot. I decided to stay right where I was as I might be able to place a couple of things that I wanted in the shot. In the end I like the photo, but I can’t help but think how high my idea could have been. Maybe next year I will find out about the flyover a little earlier.

8. I made this photo on one of my trips to U.S. Cellular Field this past season. I went out to make a closer shot of White Sox centerfielder Adam Eaton wearing the number 9 of Minnie Minoso. I realized while out there that I had another wider shot that would look great. The lines of the outfield lead you right into the center of the photo. A little fun with the post processing made this a fun photo for me.

7. I have only shot the one Indy Fuel game this year, but it was a fun one. They have a great intro that lights up the arena by itself. Thanks to the staff of the Fuel I was in a great position to capture it. I would like to shoot this a few more times from a few different angles.

6. One of my favorite photos from the Purdue basketball game against Indiana this past year was this shot from early in the game. You have the action on the court, but the fan holding out the scoring sheet with the teams on it just made it for me. The court looks great from this angle, and it really makes for a fun picture.

5. This past April I shot the Notre Dame baseball game against Indiana at Victory Field. We did not get the sunset that I was looking for, but the blue hour looked great. I made my way quickly to the upper deck to make this photo.

4. One of the best venues that I shot in last season was Hinkle Fieldhouse home of the Butler Bulldogs. For this game I was there to cover St. John’s, but during the anthem you don’t have a lot to cover. I went up into the stands a bit to make this image. I love shooting in this old barn, and I hope that I get the chance to shoot there again this year. It is a special place to shoot for sure.

3. One shot that I really like is this one of the new introductions at Mackey Arena. I don’t think this shot would work for most other schools, but since the Purdue colors are gold and black I think that this works very well. I have a couple of other ideas for the introductions that I will use at a later date when the stadium is packed. I think there is a lot of potential here for some interesting photos.

2. This season I covered many games for the Kokomo Jackrabbits of the Prospect League. They played in a new stadium that was still under construction. One goal of the season was to make a good sunset image of the park. As luck would have it every game that I shot was cloudless as the sun went down. Here I tried to make something to still show off parts of the park as well as the beautiful sunset. With some construction still going on this might have been the way to go anyway. Looking at this photo I just want to head to a warm ballpark and watch a baseball game.

  1. As luck would have it there was a great sky during my only trip to Four Winds Field this year. I loved this fountain in right field, and knew that the sunset would play well with it. I had no idea how well when I made the image though. This is one of my favorite stadium shots ever let alone this season. Summer, fun, and baseball all in one image.

So that was my favorite stadium shots of the year. You can see all of my favorite shots here on my website. If you go there you can see some shots that I would have liked to have put on this countdown. This year it was a very good thing to have to make some tough decisions on what made the list and what did not. I was lucky enough to shoot in some pretty cool venues over the course of the year. As the new year approaches I can only hope that I get to shoot in some unique venues this coming season.


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