The Giese Church

Visiting a LaPorte Christmas Tradition

One Christmas tradition for the past few years has been to photograph the Giese Church at the LaPorte County Museum. If you don’t know the story of the church it is a good one. In 1944 Otto Giese was part of the American forces pinned in at the Battle of the Bulge. While holed up with a family on Christmas he was called away to the front lines. As he made his way to the front lines he promised God that if he made it out of the war that he would do something to make Christmas a little more special for everyone. He made it back home to his family, and he created the Giese Church. This really is a marvel for the time that it was created. It is still pretty amazing as it had my two year old daughter mesmerized. By pressing the button shown above you start the choir moving into the church singing the songs of the season. War does not bring about many good things. In this instance though it inspired a man to create something that would bring Christmas joy to many kids over the course of the many years that it has existed.

Visit the Giese Church at the LaPorte County Museum

I have talked about the LaPorte County Museum a few times on this blog already. This is a great little museum that seems to have something for everyone. You can see the full Giese Church in the picture directly above. Behind it though you can see the memorabilia from the Allis Chalmers factory and on the other side part of the Belle Gunness exhibit. Along with all of the bits of the past of the county you also have the amazing car collection of Dr. Kesling. If you live in the LaPorte area this museum is a great place to visit. When they put up the Christmas decorations it is even better.

The Last ‘Live’ Post of 2015

From this point on all of the posts until January will be scheduled. That is a way for me to take a little time off from the blog, and also to post some of my ‘best of’ posts as well. Unless I know that I will be unable to post I usually write the post of the day for the next day each night before I go to bed. As of right now I am scheduled out until January 2nd with my posts. If all goes according to plan I will be back posting on January 3rd with some photos from a Purdue win over Iowa.


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