Youngstown State Penguins at Notre Dame

Shooting at Purcell Pavilion

Last night I was back at Notre Dame shooting again. This time it was for the Youngstown State Penguins. I last shot basketball just over a week ago for Youngstown State as well. They really were fun to shoot over the course of the two games. I may have to travel up to the Valpo to see them play at the end of January. It is nice to get out and shoot somewhere new every once in a while. You can kind of fall into the same routine shooting in the same gym all of the time. YSU really finished strong last night to put a scare in the Irish. At one point a very large lead was down to eight, the momentum was on the Penguins side. It was not meant to be though, but I was able to make some great photos during the comeback.

Going Wide

Last night I wanted to show a bit of the arena as well as the action. I had my seat under the basket in the first half, and knowing that I would not have it in the second half I spent a couple of minutes of game action waiting for the action to come to me. Luckily I had one play come right at me allowing me to make a cool image that shows a sense of place.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few bonus photos from the game last night. I was able to shoot from the end of the baseline during the second half which is a position that I love to used. The position does not exist at Purdue so it was cool to shoot somewhere that had the spot. You will see a few photos from that spot show up below.


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