Home For The Holidays

Photographing the Things Close to You

A while back I posted a photo from a trip down the street so that I could drive back up the other way to make a photo. You can find that post here. The photo above is that photo that I had in mind when I went down to the end of the street and back. I wanted to come back up the road so that I could see the side of my parents house in my hometown. The thick, heavy snow provided a great blanket over everything in their side yard. As much as I don’t like to shovel I love the way that snow makes everything look.

Knowing Your Subject

Over ten years ago I made a photo from this very spot. In fact I have made several from this location over the years. One of the first that I made from there was actually my first published photo. It was included in a calendar for my father’s financial planner. It is a photo that was made with my old Sony Mavica camera that I have talked about a little too much on this blog. I loved that camera though, and it started this love of photography for me.


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