Purdue Football Gets It Done

Purdue Beats Nebraska at Home

Purdue used a lot of offense and an opportunistic defense to beat Nebraska 55-45 at home. If you are a photographer you like a game like this because you have plenty of opportunities to make some great shots. Lots of offense means many more chances to make a very cool photo. Purdue was really playing with great purpose yesterday which really was fun to photograph as well. You can make some great photographs after the play when the team is laying it all out on the line. The photo above is one where I was rewarded for staying with the players well after the whistle was blown. Most of the photos that I really liked from the game yesterday were made after the whistle. This was a great win that was very much needed. The fans who came out on a fairly cold and rainy day were rewarded for their effort as well. Next weekend is homecoming, and the Boilers have a chance to make it two in a row in front of a big crowd.

What Are You Shooting With?

Yesterday I took three lenses and three camera bodies to the game. Because of the threat of rain I tried to keep my gear small and compact. I mainly used my Canon 1DX on my Canon 400mm lens. I had a ThinkTank weather shield on both to keep them dry. In my bag I had my Canon 5D Mark III with the Canon 24-105mm lens that I have really started to love on it. For action close to me I had the Canon 7D Mark II with the Canon 70-200mm lens on it. This allowed me some flexibility when the players were near the goal line. When the light is good enough this is my go to gear for football. Basketball is just around the corner, and I may have to experiment a little to find just the right combination there. I have an idea that may work, but only time will tell there.

Bonus Photos

As I have been doing this season I have made an Exposure page for the game yesterday. You can find that page here. The photo above of Jordan Westerkamp is one that I really liked from the game. There is a lot going on there, and I was very pleased to make the photo. Two years ago I was still fairly new on the sidelines, and I completely blew a great shot of a Nebraska player coming right at me for the touchdown. I made a lot of photos that I liked from the game, but that one still haunts me to this day. Making a shot like this one though takes some of the pain away. It is amazing just how many of the photos you missed that you clearly remember. No matter how your day went shooting it is always a good day inside of Ross Ade Stadium. Next weekend we do it all again when Illinois comes to town.


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