LaPorte Slicer Pop Warner Football

Covering My First Bowl Game

Last night I was in Whiting, Indiana to cover the LaPorte Slicer Pop Warner Teams last game of the season. I really did not know what to expect going into the game, but I was a bit nervous. I may have been more nervous than I was last week at Notre Dame. I did not know how well the players would separate so that I could make good images of them. I was wondering if they would be in one big pile the entire time. I was very pleased to see that they did indeed separate, and they looked darn good doing it. I made some images that I really liked last night, and it was well worth the trip.

A Very Emotional Game

This may have been the most emotional game that I have ever covered. You had the normal ups and downs that I football game will have, but then there was the injury factor added in. It seemed as if LaPorte was having many players injured after the play or well behind the play. A little dirty play forced a long stoppage of play while an ambulance came to take a Slicer player off of the field. The loss of a player like that is hard for a pro player to take. Imagine what was going through the minds of the young men while they watched one of their own leave in the back of the ambulance. They decided to keep playing though, and battled through a rough fourth quarter. They scored the tying touchdown with under a minute left to play in the game to complete a great game. Maybe it is the father in me, but I wanted to congratulate each and every young man who fought through their emotions to finish strong.

2015 MiLBY’s Photo of the Year

This year I covered only four games for the Indianapolis Indians, but I was blessed with some great action to photograph. My image of Josh Bell getting an ice bath after a 13th inning walk off hit in his first triple A game was nominated for the photo of the year by Minor League Baseball. I don’t ask for a lot, but if you could vote for it here that would be great. I am up against some great photos so I will need all the votes that I can get.

Photo Gallery

I have a complete photo gallery from the game up here. Just right click any of the images that you want to save them. I have also included a few photos that I liked from the night below.


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