Being Near Rare Air

Seeing the Best of Walter Iooss Jr. and Michael Jordan

Just before going on the photo walk last Monday I went on a little side trip that I have been meaning to take. In front of the field museum they have set up an exhibit of the works of Walter Iooss Jr. He covered Michael Jordan like nobody else did during the career of the greatest basketball player ever. He published a book of his works called “Rare Air” a while back, and this exhibit is called “Open Air.” These are some of the images that I consider iconic. I was very excited to see the exhibit, but I had not had the time to visit it yet. With less than a month to go I finally made it, and it was worth it. If you have some time to kill in the Windy City you should make your way to see this exhibit. Heck make it a reason to head to the Windy City.


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