The Wonderful World of Disney

Spending Some Time in the Magic Kingdom

I spent last week in the Magic Kingdom. It really is just that, a magical place. I had much more fun than I thought I would at my age. Seeing some of the looks on the kids faces during the week made everything worth while. I thought that this was a good photo to start things off with on the blog as it showed a couple of the landmarks at the Magic Kingdom. Whenever I travel I try and shoot the landmarks first. The landmarks are what everyone knows, and they want to see the photos of what they know. I tried to do some things that I had not seen before on the trip, but I also made my photos of the landmarks as well. By the time I was done over the course of the week I had made many photos of Cinderella’s castle. Far more than I thought that I would make going into the week. I think that it makes for a good subject of your photo, and I found a few angles to shoot it from. It is the landmark that I remember from my childhood, and is the symbol of the park.

Luck Factors in Again

This is a photo where once again I was very lucky. I think that a lot of photography is luck. I don’t think that photography is easy, but you need to have luck on your side. When the luck comes your way you need to be able to capitalize on it. I have talked about luck a lot on this site. When you are on the sidelines of a game luck enters into things quite a bit. Your vantage point is just a little different from the guy next to you, but that could make or break your photo. Here they closed off the area around the Walt Disney statue for the day, and I was lucky enough to be there that day. That allowed me to get a very clean picture of the man in front of his creation.

Back in the Saddle Again

For the past week and a half or so this blog has kind of been on autopilot. We were preparing and then heading to Disney last week, and I didn’t want to blog everyday. Often I will schedule some posts around important events so that I can concentrate on the task at hand. I had a wedding to shoot just before the trip so I scheduled way out so that I didn’t have to worry about the blog for a while. If you have been wondering why I post so many sports photos then you can rest assured. For the next couple of weeks I am sure that you will see a lot of Disney photos. By then it will be time to get back in the sports saddle for a while.


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