Father John Misty at White River State Park

Seeing Father John Misty Live

Before seeing Father John Misty at White River State Park I really knew very little about him. I saw a performance he did of ‘Bored in the USA’ from a late night show, and that was it. He had a cool little ruse during that performance that made me like him a little more after seeing it. I was very interested to see what his live show would be about. He is a terrific performer that likes to put a little twist on his music. He put on a good show, and who knows we may go back and see him when he returns later in the summer.

More With the Canon Powershot G16

All of the photos in this post were made with the Canon Powershot G16 camera. It is a powerful little camera that you can bring into an event because it is not a ‘professional’ camera. I have ranted on this term ‘professional’ camera before, but I think that this if the people making the rules knew what it could do would not be allowed in. I will take advantage of their ignorance though, and continue to take it to concerts. It has RAW capability and a 12mp sensor. That is more than enough to make interesting images.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few bonus photos from the show that Father John Misty put on. I only photographed during a couple of songs, but I liked the light as the sun was going down mixed with the smoke on the stage. It made for a nice effect. Pay no attention to the very large No Photography neon sign in the background.


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