A Chicago Blackhawks Sunset

Sunset Over the City of Chicago

Last Saturday I had my games in Champaign rained out so I went up to Chicago to see my family who was having a weekend up there. It was a pleasant surprise to have the night with them in Chicago. The only problem was that it was still raining the whole time. The rain had everything soaked, and I knew that the sunset would not be very good. As the sun went down though the clouds broke a bit to give me this shot. I had no plans on making a photo like this so I did not have my tripod with me so I handheld the camera to get it. To let in all of the light I made three exposures to make an HDR inside of Lightroom CC. I only used two of the three frames though because I really didn’t want the building detail so much. I wanted the sky and the lights to pop here.

The Blackhawks are in the Stanley Cup Finals Again

By the time this posts the Blackhawks will have played their first game in the Stanley Cup Finals. The night I made this photo they were playing game seven of the conference finals for the chance to get there. I love how the top of the Hancock Building was lit up in Blackhawk colors for the team. After I went to bed I got a text that the Hawks had won, and it was fun to hear the fans below celebrating the win. Thirteen floors up you could hear the jubilation. It would be fun to be in Chicago if they can clinch the Cup again.


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