The Mercury Redstone

Off To Space

I have been to see Purdue play in the postseason a few times. Twice now those trips have taken me near a NASA facility. In 2006 while seeing Purdue play football in the Champs Sports Bowl I stopped to see some history at Cape Canaveral. Five years ago we travelled to Houston to see the Purdue basketball team in the Sweet 16. On that trip we went to the Houston Space Center. I think that my knowledge of the Space Program was early on when the bulk of the work was done at the Kennedy Space Center. Lyndon Johnson had a big hand in the program though, and placing a second hub in Houston was a bonus for him. The trip to the Johnson Space Center did not have the deep history of the Kennedy Center, but it still was very cool. I never get tired of seeing the history of what sent man into space. The Mercury Redstone rocket above is a great example of that. It was on this rocket that Alan Shepard became the first American in space. I can’t even begin to understand the science and math that it took to send the men into space. That is why it is so amazing to me. We strapped men on top of missiles to send them into space. It took amazing courage to get on top of the missile, yet we found men who did it. Both space centers have a rocket garden where you can walk through the history of the methods of sending men into space.

Photographing With Your Phone

This was during the period where I made most of my photos with my old Blackberry. I badmouth the phone any chance that I get, but it did make some okay photos. With the right conditions you could get a nice image. Here the lack of a wide angle lens helped me frame an interesting photo. If I remember right though I was on the ground to make this image. I would like to get back to both of these facilities with my current camera gear.


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