Purdue Softball Senior Day | Sports Photography

Purdue Softball Senior Day

One of my favorite shoots for Purdue last season was the softball senior day. It is such a unique send off for the players with a lot of emotion involved. You can really tell how much being a Boilermaker means to them. Shooting seniors days can be hard because you are saying goodbye to someone that you have seen play for four years as it is. The softball senior day seems to ratchet that up a couple of notches. Yesterday Purdue honored seniors Ashley Burkhardt, Lexi Moore, Alex Whittemore, and Alyssa Koorsen. The ceremony involving the parents came between games one and two of a doubleheader. That one seems like every other ceremony. After the second game the bases ceremony was held, and that one is a little tougher to watch. The seniors stand at home plate with the rest of the team on the bases. The senior then get a victory lap around the bases to say goodbye to their teammates. The freshman are at first, the sophomores at second, and the juniors are at third. The emotion seems to build as the players round the bases leading up to greeting their fellow seniors once again at home plate. It is a ceremony that I never get tired of seeing, and I hope that I can cover it again next season.

Purdue Splits the Doubleheader

On a beautiful day in West Lafayette the Boilermakers split a doubleheader with Iowa. Purdue took game one after Iowa took an early lead on a home run. When Iowa took the lead in game two the same way I thought that maybe we would see a carbon copy of game one. It was not meant to be though for the Boilers. 

A Painful Day

The photo above is one of two that I made on the day showing the impact of a hit by pitch. I have never really captured the moment as it happened before, and I joked to a fellow photographer that my timing must have been off. You can see above the skin reacting to the ball hitting it on the elbow. Earlier in the day I captured the ball hitting the back of a Purdue players helmet knocking it off. Both teams seemed to get plunked more than normal yesterday, although I don’t think any of them were intentional.

Bonus Photos

Below I have included a few photos that I liked from the day. It was a day filled with photos though between the two games and the various senior activities. I also have a gallery of around 70 images up on the Purdue website here.


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