Jordan Minch is a South Bend Cub | Sports Photography

A Familiar Arm Pitching For a Familiar Team

For a couple of seasons Jordan Minch was one of my favorite pitchers to photograph. His motion looked good from many angles allowing me to change things up during the season. I was sad to see him leave Purdue early, but he had a pro career waiting for him. He signed with the Cubs, and I hoped that he would end up playing for the South Bend Cubs. Yesterday with their roster announcement I found out that he would be. I will be covering a couple of their games in Fort Wayne coming up, and it would be great to see him back on the mound again.

Going to See the South Bend Cubs

I started going to the minor league games in South Bend in the late 80’s when they came to town as the South Bend White Sox. A few players from those teams made it to the big league club. For some reason the White Sox left town, and the Diamondbacks purchased the club. They renamed the team the Silverhawks, and that is what they stayed for many years. I saw many games at Coveleski Stadium, and I even would go to see the Diamondbacks play just to see some of the young men who I saw in low A ball play in the majors. Now the Cubs have a contract with the South Bend club, and that makes a little more sense. The big league club is just down the road, and fans can relate to the Cubs name. From what I have been told the change has brought increased interest to the club. I have not been to Coveleski Stadium (now Four Winds Field) since I left the area in 2011. This might be the year to head back and see a familiar face pitching. I might want to get up there early though before he moves up a level.


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