Opening Day is Here!

Opening Day 2015

Today is a great day. It is opening day. The day where every team still thinks that the World Series is a possibility. The coming harsh summer days will take those teams down to the select few who will play in the post season. Today though is about coming out of hibernation to see the green grass of the ball field, and hear the beautiful sounds of baseball. This is the day that we have been waiting months for, and it is finally here. Baseball is a beautiful game, and I am glad to see meaningful games starting to be played. The White Sox start the season in Kansas City, but they play at home Friday. Ten years ago I witnessed a great run by my South Siders, and with the optimism of Opening Day I hope to see a similar run this season.

Progressive Field on Opening Day

I made this picture on Opening Day in 2011 as I watched my White Sox win against Cleveland on Opening Day. That was a great time on a day that was much warmer than any day yet that year. I chose this photo because it was in 2011 when things started to change for me a bit. I started taking this photography thing a little more serious. At this point I did not have the gear to make a proper stadium shot, so I relied on a panoramic to help me do that. This season instead of watching from the stands I will be photographing professional baseball up close and personal. That is a very cool thing that I would not have dreamed of in 2011. This week I plan on shooting a little baseball both for pay as well as see a game as a fan. I think that I could see baseball everyday and not be bored by it. The beauty of the game is that it is never the same.

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