Photographing Twins at Three Months | Child Portraits

Documenting the First Few Months of Life For Two Children

If you remember about three months ago I made some photographs in the studio of two adorable twins. They were a blessing to their parents, and it was amazing to see them again to see just how much they had grown. It took a little while for the little ones to warm up to the strange man with the strange contraption up against his face. Once they did they gave me some images that I loved. When you work a situation to get a certain look and it pays off it is a great feeling. Over the course of the next couple of days I will be back to shooting basketball, but it was nice to step out and capture some moments that really matter. I cannot wait until the six month session.

Setting Up In The Home Studio

One reason I liked this session was that I moved out of the studio, and into the parent’s home. During the first session the twins were out of their house for the first time, and they were not sure of the new place. I scheduled this session at their house so that they would be a little more comfortable from the start. The move paid off as they warmed to me fairly quickly in a familiar environment. I created my own light with a couple of speed lights bouncing around the living room. This allowed me to move locations a little quicker as I just had to pick up the speed light and redirect it. I used to always say that I used natural light all the time. Now I love the challenge of making my own light in a new situation. Sometimes like in the photo above you just need a little fill light when window can give you most of what you need.



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