St. Patricks Day Parade in Cincinnati, Ohio

Celebrating the Luck of the Irish a Few Days Early

While we were in Cincinnati I went out to make a few photos of the town. The crowds were lined up to see the towns St. Patricks Day parade. Once I was out on the street I realized the lens I had taken to make photos of the cityscapes would not work well for the parade. I did make a few images of the parade though including the one above of the first float in the parade. It was St. Patrick himself making a grand entrance in the back of a Ford Super Duty. The rain may have kept some of the spectators away, but the entrants didn’t seem to mind. They were all in good spirits talking to everyone that they passed. I have posted a lot from Cincinnati over the last few days. Don’t worry that will all end tomorrow. I suspect that you will see a lot from Kentucky over the course of the next week.

Grand Marshall Jim O’Toole

The grand marshall of the parade was former Cincinnati Reds hurler Jim O’Toole. While with the Reds O’Toole started two World Series games, and made one All Star Game appearance. The fact that I liked the most about O’Toole is the fact that he played one year for the White Sox. It was the last year of his career though as he had arm issues. It what nice to see his grand kids carrying his banner down the street though.

Bonus Photos

Below are a few bonus photos from the short time that I stayed at the parade. I had to get to a baseball game so my time was very short on the parade route.


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